Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome to "Maverick or Escort?"

So, is John McCain the biggest flip-flopping Bush-slobberer ever?

So, that's what we're doing here: counteracting the ridiculous notion that John McCain is independent, or unpredictable, or somehow different from all the other slavish GOP operatives.

Plus, the Maverick and the Escort are two really crappy Ford models. I've driven them both. What a nightmare.

So, feel free to use this image, or any other version of it you wish to create, in any way you like.

[Offer limited to registered voters of any party who promise to do their duty as sovereign citizens, defend the Republic, and yank the Obama lever as hard as possible this November.]


Lefty Keating said...

I cannot believe that the interweb has gone so long as to allow trash like this. Censorship has truly failed us. John McCabin is a true American hero, and to suggest otherwise undermines our basic liberty and securities. Spew as much unpatriotic filth as you can now, because I don't think they have interweb access at Gitmo.

In addition the Ford Escort is an excellent AMERICAN got me through my first marriage.

GT said...

Who taught that right-wing nut how to use the "interweb"?